Broke Hoes Do Want They Can (2019)

BROKE HOES DO WHAT THEY CAN (2019) ———————————–





The interviewees, Kaya Hoax, Mycoze and Naya Salamé were Queer, white and POC, in their twenties, self-identified artists and in unstable financial situations. Their art practices were always influenced by two main dimensions:
an emotional/affective/mental health-related one and a financial/material one. The three of them, in their own words, identified their will to build and nurture communities but pointed out the individualistic system as the obstacle to achieving it.

Capitalism is based on the abridgment of freedom.

In « Art on my mind » bell hooks, once again, helped me find my own words to describe the situation of these artists by talking about « the freedom in time ». In her essay « women artists: the creative process » hooks uses the words of Adrienne Rich who once wrote that « capitalism is based on the abridgment of freedom ».

In this case, freedom is linked to the ability to have time, to work less or stop working to devote one’s time to writing, making art, building communities or, and maybe more importantly, dedicate some time to reverie. Even if all the interviewed artists, including myself, don’t necessarily identify themselves as women, as people who were assigned female at birth, we were undeniably shaped by this shared part of our gender experience. Learning from hooks’s observations on the nature of gender and artistic practices, We agree with her statement that people who were assigned female at birth, experience worry about not giving enough care and personhood to loved ones if they decide to dedicate a large portion of their personal time to their art. This intersection of the situation and lived experiences encapsulates the difficulty to balance our personal emotional needs in order to thrive with and our material needs essential to be able to survive.

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