To create this archive Banmana mainly makes use of portraiture, videography, photography, digital art, murals, and large-scale painting. When it comes to portraiture D.M.Q.L includes new technologies such as 3D printing, laser-carving, digital art, scanning, which are sometimes mixed with more traditional forms or expressions like painting, photography, or stencils.

« DOCUMENTING MY QUEER LIFE » (D.M.Q.L) is a 4-year-old and ongoing piece of archives. Composed with mixed-media and videography techniques, D.M.Q.L presents a fragmented approach to journaling the life of QTBIPOC. The project reflects the multidisciplinary practice of Banmana’s work as the presentation of D.M.Q.L unfolds through various mediums and therefore artistic techniques.

Murals and large-scale paintings also include various techniques such as stencils, geometry, textiles, embroideries, and lettering. Videography and photography (digital and film) are often presented together and include prose, forming digital poetry pieces.

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