Broke Hoes Do Want They Can (2019)

BROKE HOES DO WHAT THEY CAN (2019) ———————————– A SHORT MOVIE BY – AWA BANMANA PRESENTING – NAYA SALAMÉ – MYCOZE – KAYAHOAX MUSIC BY – KAYAHOAX ABOUT THE INTERVIEWEES The interviewees, Kaya Hoax, Mycoze and Naya Salamé were Queer, white and POC, in their twenties, self-identified artists and in unstable financial situations. Their art… Poursuivre la lecture de Broke Hoes Do Want They Can (2019)


To create this archive Banmana mainly makes use of portraiture, videography, photography, digital art, murals, and large-scale painting. When it comes to portraiture D.M.Q.L includes new technologies such as 3D printing, laser-carving, digital art, scanning, which are sometimes mixed with more traditional forms or expressions like painting, photography, or stencils. Murals and large-scale paintings also… Poursuivre la lecture de DOCUMENTING MY QUEER LIFE (on going)